My name’s Leila Beaudoin and I am a Canadian Broadcaster who is lucky enough to be working in my home-province, Newfoundland and Labrador. YES ! it’s true; Islanders do have salt water in their veins. But, I am as passionate about global issues as I am rural life

I’m an eclectic Journalist. I feel the best stories are told using a variety of elements. I love editing and shooting, as much as I love telling you the news (sometimes on radio but mostly on TV).

In less than five years, I’ve had the privilege to report for two national news networks, CTV and CBC. In 2014, I took a break from journalism, working for the ‘other side’ as a Communications Officer in the Northwest Territories.

Currently I tell stories for Newfoundland Broadcasting Television, or NTV.

I’ve enjoyed work opportunities as a Host, Producer, Reporter, Editor and Writer (Communications).

Brief Work History

NTV News (Video Journalist)

Communications Officer (Department of Aboriginal Affairs & Government of the Northwest Territories) *Developed Communication Strategies for the NWT government during Devolution*

CBC News Yellowknife ( Web, TV &Radio Reporter)

CBC News Calgary ( TV & Radio Reporter)

CBC St.John’s ( TV & Radio Reporter)

Alberta Primetime ( Current Affairs Intern)

CTV Regina (Video Journalist Intern)

Have feedback, suggestions, and/or story ideas I would love to hear from you.: leilabeaudoin@hotmail.com

Demo featuring CBC on-camera reporting.

“Beaudoin has a certain spark; a presence on camera that compels you to pay attention.”

– Geoff Meeker



One Comment on “Welcome

  1. Always knew you were a talented lady. So this just proves that I’m always right. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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