WEB1“Beaudoin has a certain spark; a presence on camera that compels you to pay attention.”

- Geoff Meeker (former journalist and managing editor,  now an independent communications consultant)

“Leila’s energy and willingness to learn and push push push on a story when she’s exhausted — it’s amazing.”

- Joslyn Oosenbrug (CBC North producer and host)

Leila Beaudoin is a journalist. She has extensive experience in researching, writing, and editing for a range of mediums (including:  print, web, television and radio).

Since she graduated from the University of Regina’s School of Journalism program in 2011, Leila has worked for CBC, primarily as a television reporter . During her time at the School of Journalism, she worked for CTV News.

Leila excels in breaking news and on-camera reporting.

She is passionate and skilful in relationship building with persons of industry, government and members of the community.

Leila was raised in Newfoundland.She finished her first degree, a B.A. in English at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

She’s always had a thirst to communicate and learn more about others. If she’s not reporting, she is travelling to a new country. Her favourite hobby is photography.

Click HERE to watch Leila in action.

Have feedback, suggestions, and/or story ideas?

Email her at: leilabeaudoin@hotmail.com


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